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Grandma lives in skype: Intergenerational relationships in international migration

PAŘÍZKOVÁ, A. Grandma lives in skype: Intergenerational relationships in international migration. Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri (Turin), Itálie, 2012.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Grandma lives in skype: Intergenerational relationships in international migration
Rok vydání: 2012
Autoři: Mgr. Alena Pařízková Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: In recent times, the concept of nuclear family, promotion of individualism and modernisation with the development of the welfare state challenged the existence of strong intergenerational relationships and mutual support. However, This situation is currently challenged. Family relationships are still some of the most important ties which a human has. The aim of my project is to cross national borders and focus on intergenerational family relationships in process of international migration and focus on how the international migration influence the quality of ties among family members. It ask if and how migrants and non-migrants in one family change definitions of their roles and expectations. Next question focus on how relationships and expectations are realized and negotiated. To find answers, I plan to conduct interviews with adult migrants and their family members who stayed in the Czech republic. There are two useful analytical lenses on family ties and tier quality and content. Through the concept of solidarity are emphasized positive aspects of the family ties as a mutual support and help. Proponents of concept of ambivalence give an alternative perspective which focus on roles and expectations influencing individual members of family. These roles and relationships are among family members negotiated in everyday interaction. As a consequence, they may include conflict interests and many contradictions. This process of interaction and negotiation influence physical distance. International migration enter into relationships and influence the members of the family and their expectations, definitions of obligations, possibilities and limits. Another influencing factor which is necessary include to researcher perspective is gender. There exist a gender gap in division of contacts, help and care among men and women members of families.
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